Milk Makeup – Anthem Film

Client: Milk Makeup

Deliverables: Main Campaign Film, Cutdowns + 29 CGI Animations

Project: Milk Makeup Anthem

Creative: To celebrate Milk Makeup’s NYC roots and its commitment to good ingredients and epic payoff, Whooden Collective worked closely with Milk Makeup Co-Founder, Georgie Greville, to create an Anthem film that highlights key products and sets the overall spirit and tone of the brand.

Key products in the Milk Makeup line were studied and heroed through a combination of live-action application footage collaged with CGI animations built, designed and rendered in-house. Diplo feat. Nicky Da B – “Express Yourself” track cemented the energy of the footage and Milk Makeup.

The film and multiple versions were launched across in-store displays, social media & paid advertising.

services rendered

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