Client: Jordan

Deliverables: Motion & Stills

Project: Global campaign for the 30th anniversary commemorated by the launch of the Jordan AJXXX featuring Russell Westbrook.

Creative: For the main campaign film, Russell Westbrook was captured in his home town of Oklahoma City. Spanning across three days, we built a number of stills & motion sets to highlight Russell’s game. On a separate day we captured a series of special effects explosions of powder & smoke in studio. These two assets were then composited in post to create the feeling of space – highlighting the AJXXX as an instrument of flight.

Client: Jordan

Deliverables: Short loop-able product animations

Project: Video animations highlighting technical details from the Jordan AJXXXI.

Creative: Whooden Collective was tasked with creating short form loop-able animations that highlighted the features of the Jordan AJXXXI sneaker. The shoes were 3D scanned and models were created.

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