Client: Houghton

Deliverables: Branded Content Documentary, Social Media Cutdowns + Still Photography

Project: “The Houghton Girl” campaign featuring 10 inspiring women.

Creative: In this documentary short film, Whooden Collective spotlights 10 inspiring women: Katharine Polk, Chloe Norgaard, Jenné Lombardo, Lisa Salzer, Cyndi Ramirez, Morgan Kibby, Dara Hart, Bianca Vesco & Keyla Castillo. The film was an intimate conversation exploring their insecurities and unrealistic standards placed on them by the fashion industry, all while beautifully portraying  custom pieces designed for them from Houghton’s new collection. This project was filmed across a two week period in NYC. The post production involving one main 15 minute documentary & 10 one minute shorts on each participant was delivered in under two weeks. The stills were created concurrently during motion capture. The film premiered during NY Fashion Week in lieu of a traditional fashion show to an audience of industry press & tastemakers.

services rendered

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