Glyph Technologies

Client: Glyph

Deliverables: Main Campaign Films, Branded Content Documentaries + 3D Product Photography

Project: Marketing assets created across the re-branding of Glyph Technologies including 3D Product Animation Films, 3D Product Stills, Branded Content Documentaries and Creative Partnerships.

Creative: As the assets were broad and spanned across many different marketing applications, Whooden Collective worked closely with Glyph to ensure maximum continuity. The hard drive animations in the product films were created utilizing a ground-up approach. The drives were modeled in 3D, animated, textured & lit to create unique worlds. Utilizing these models we were also able to create fully CG stills. Additionally we helped build partnerships with Glyph & creatives working in the industry. We highlighted these partnerships through a series of branded content documentaries.

services rendered

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