CR Fashion Book – “Friday The 13th” ft. Paris Jackson

Client: CR Fashion Book

Deliverables: Editorial Films

Project: “13 Minutes Left of Friday The 13th” – an editorial film ft. Paris Jackson to celebrate CR Fashion Book’s 13th Issue.

Creative: To celebrate CR Fashion Book’s 13th Issue and one of Carine Roitfeld’s 13 favorite fashion icons – Paris Jackson – this editorial film was created to run alongside Paris’ interview with Stevie Nicks with the number 13 theme in mind. Our film’s star, a lover of superstition and the supernatural, spends Friday the 13th debating if she should leave the house. “Superstition says you shouldn’t leave the house on Friday The 13th…” The short film follows her paranoia filled day as she passes the time and finally decides to leave the house after a mysterious caller forces her to face her fears. Featuring music written and composed by Y.R. Dethre performed by Small Death.

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